Music Production

Angel Song principles, Mike Watts & Dan Savant have combined their diverse musical abilities, and crafted a  music production company where a wealth of the finest award winning creative talent is combined with an inventive and concise business approach.  The strategic relationships that both Mike and Dan have developed over the years with industry leaders could be of great benefit to you on your next project. We pride ourselves on our ability to work within a wide range of budgets, delivering a top-quality product each and every time.

Composition & Orchestration

The composers we have on board at Angel Song are a select group of people, with eclectic resumes.  We have relationships with some of the biggest composers, film and otherwise, that Hollywood has to offer, including; John Debney, Rolfe Kent, Gordon Goodwin, Jason Robert Brown, David Seigal, Greg Smith, Mike Watts, & Gary Guttman. So if you’re in need of a composer for your project or in need of professional orchestrators to work with “in house” composers,  there’s a wide and varied range of top professionals with proven track records to choose from here at Angel Song.

Music Preparation

The key factors to good music preparation (the people that actually produce the music for the orchestra to read) is accuracy, legibility, flexibility and speed. Accuracy and legibility can save a lot of unnecessary (and time consuming) questions from the orchestra that tend to bog down a recording session. Flexibility and speed come in to play on the session when changes to the music need to be made quickly.  Both Mike and Dan have great relationships with some of the most skilled and truly gifted music prep. people in the industry.  And we would be happy to include them as part of an upcoming project for you, so that you can see for yourself.


For many years Dan and Mike have had the honor of knowing and working with some of the most legendary engineers in the business. The engineer is the one who truly has the opportunity to make your music come alive.  From planning, preparing for, and recording the musicians and singers, to mixing and mastering the final product, the engineers are the ones who are actually responsible for your “final sound”. Both Dan and Mike know and work with most of the major players in this field, and are proud to have on board; Tommy Vicari, Nathaniel Kunkle, John Richards, & Michael Aarvold

Budgeting & Payroll


Music Production budgets need to cover every aspect of  your project from conception to delivery.   We’ll help you with your budgeting by taking the information you give us and turning it into a realistic goal.  We’ll go over your line items and make sure every possible angle is covered. This is including (but not limited to):

Pre production, Artistic Fee’s, musicians, vocals, and voice overs, studio costs, engineering, mastering, equipment and instrument cartage & rentals, travel, and all benefits and tax liabilities.  Our objective is to provide you with a budget that has no surprises when the final bill comes in.


Our service includes paying all talent, any union benefits, employer taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and, of course, filing all necessary returns and year end documents.  When we work with “union” talent, we (through an association with Savant Productions Inc) work with the AFM, AFTRA and SAG unions as a signatory paymaster on all agreements and as a signatory production company on select agreements. We offer security, and competitive handling rates with a quick turn around, as we complete all payroll work “in house.”